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We know that there is a wide spectrum of proficient VStitcher and Lotta users out there who may be looking for ways to further their paths in the digital apparel field or simply want to share their feedback to impact the software and be a part of the Browzwear ecosystem. In light of recent global events, now more than ever is time for talented 3D designers to unite as a driving force to carry the industry forward and build a foundation for the future.


So what’s in it for you?

  • Grow - Many of our customers are looking to hire 3D professionals as employees or freelancers; being a member of the guild enables you to be visible for them, with your VStitcher skills and portfolio
  • Impact - An opportunity to bring forward your insights on Browzwear's products and solutions 
  • Connect - Get to know and learn from other Browzwear and 3D Apparel enthusiasts 
  • Contribute - Bring your skills to the community of Indies, having their first steps with VStitcher  
  • Many more to come
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Next steps are simple: 

1. Fill out your email address and you'll be directed to the full application form

2. It may take a while but once confirmed we'll set a brief conversation with you

3. Set your profile on Browzwear's Guild page

4. Create your portfolio on Stylezone

5. You’re ready to go 


Note: You can join the professional guild without your name and profile being visible publicly or to employers. We will always ask for your consent.