From Initial Sketch to Stunning Outfit

See the designs come to life 

Our Event Has Ended, Thank you all for Joining!

June 9th at 2pm ET  

From initial sketch to showcase, watch live as our talented Sr. Apparel 3D Specialist, Lisa Eriksson, takes her initial design concept and creates a striking 3D summer outfit. Starting with her mood board for her vision, she then takes her creativity all the way through the garment’s lifecycle by utilizing Browzwear’s end-to-end digital ecosystem of solutions. What you’ll learn in this live session: 

  • Utilizing 2D and 3D window space to see real-time synchronization 
  • Crafting your pattern pieces in 3D to instantly see drape and fit 
  • Displaying your 3D garments on an image of a real-life model for powerful visualization  

To keep up with Lisa’s inspiring demonstration, we’d like to ensure you have coffee to sip on during the live virtual event — but hurry, as we have limited gift cards to send!