Lalaland & VStitcher

Discover the Power of AI-Generated Avatars

Introducing VStitcher & Stage Integration

Unlock New Creative Dimensions 


Introducing the cutting-edge integration of Lalaland with Browzwear's VStitcher, an exciting development empowering fashion professionals to elevate their 3D designs and unlock unprecedented creative potential. This revolutionary collaboration offers designers the ability to validate and showcase their 3D garments by presenting them on lifelike models, eliminating uncertainties and elevating the overall quality of their creations.

We are thrilled to announce that VStitcher users can enjoy a 20% discount for the first three months on Business or Enterprise subscriptions.

With the Lalaland and VStitcher integration you can:

Validate your designs with confidence

Showcase with unmatched realism

Minimized textile waste

Elevate creative quality

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Adjust existing pattern pieces to create new garments
Ensure the optimum fit and maximum comfort for the wearer
Utilize a variety of tools to achieve a shirred & smocked look
Create ultra-realistic render for lifelike showcasing capabilities