Selling With 3D: Breaking Physical Barriers

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Whether presenting style ideas to internal stakeholders, or pitching garments to clients, the selling process as a whole has always been challenging, and the effects of the pandemic have only brought about new obstacles to the industry. Not only do brands experience high costs and long lead times due to tedious approval cycles, but access to physical samples is becoming increasingly scarce. That’s why, apparel companies are welcoming the concept of selling with 3D, both within their organization and on the consumer front. The question is, how?


Join us as we discuss how and what should be considered when moving to sell with 3D apparel, internally and on the consumer front.

Joining our panel discussion: 

  • Katharina Bobrowski - GM of featuring ltd, an Otto International Company
  • Jim Downing - CEO of Metail 
  • Avihay Feld - Co-founder and CEO of Browzwear


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Being a fast-paced and dynamic organization means having all of your systems aligned with one another. Successful integration and operation bring value, paving the way for a smooth and efficient digital transformation journey. At Browzwear, our mission is to digitize the apparel workflow from end-to-end by harnessing the power of true-to-life 3D. Through a flexible and powerful open platform, brands can leverage the power of 3D with all their essential tools, from input assets and workflow management to output data including materials, trims, merchandising and more.