Customized Soft

Avatar Program

Be among the first to experience this state-of-the-art simulation technology that is reshaping the world of garment design and visualization in VStitcher. Sign up now and let our team customize avatars according to your brand's specific requirements. 

Please note that participation in the customized soft avatar program is limited and subject to specific qualifications, handled by our Customer Success team. 

About Customized Soft Avatars 

Replicate body deformation accurately in response to garment pressure. 

Visualize design effects on fit, compression, and comfort. 

Adjust pattern pieces in real-time for quick fitting evaluations. 

Create compression garment designs for activewear, lingerie, and more. 

Preserve realistic fabric physics, texture, drape, and fit. 

Integrate the Soft Avatar seamlessly into your design workflow. 

Customize avatars to match your brand's target customers. 


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Adjust existing pattern pieces to create new garments
Ensure the optimum fit and maximum comfort for the wearer
Utilize a variety of tools to achieve a shirred & smocked look
Create ultra-realistic render for lifelike showcasing capabilities