Spotlight on Creating Socks in VStitcher

In this video tutorial we’ll be walking you through how to create, materialize, and design a pair of socks in 3D clothing design software, VStitcher. This is a great way to give your avatar a complete look from head to toe, as well as learn how to create the appearance of a seamless garment through a range of different features and functions. We’ll also provide you with some useful tips ad tricks along the way so you can enjoy a quick and easy socks creation workflow.

We'll be demonstrating the following:

  • Import a DXF file into VStitcher
  • Create symmetry with the Pen tool
  • Utilize the 3D measurement tool
  • Arrange patterns in clusters
  • Leverage the Styling tool
  • Create invisible seams
  • Work with Cut Marks
  • Apply materials to the socks
  • Add artwork to the socks

Check out this video to start your sock creation workflow