VStitcher & Stage Integration

Unlock New Creative Dimensions 

Introducing VStitcher & Stage Integration

Unlock New Creative Dimensions 

Introducing the Enhanced Integration of

VStitcher & Stage 

We are thrilled to unveil the expanded capabilities of the VStitcher & Stage integration, opening up a world of exciting opportunities at an exceptional value. Experience the power of Stage, a standalone, interactive 3D platform that revolutionizes the way you showcase, render, and collaborate. With unparalleled realism and interactivity, Stage brings your designs to life in real-time.

Discover the Power of the Upgraded Integration:

Transform your designs into captivating 3D representations
Experience real-time 3D visualization and rendering
Access a variety of hyper-detailed metahuman avatars
Immerse yourself in vibrant 3D environments to showcase your designs 

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Adjust existing pattern pieces to create new garments
Ensure the optimum fit and maximum comfort for the wearer
Utilize a variety of tools to achieve a shirred & smocked look
Create ultra-realistic render for lifelike showcasing capabilities